Family Game Night Lite

Family Game Night

There’s a phenomenon that has been spreading around the Internet. Youtube has given people the means to get all sorts of exposure and gamers are taking advantage by creating something called a “Let’s Play.” I myself only discovered these fairly recently, but they have been around for a couple of years now.

The bigger the better, though again, be sure to stay within budget. It must, however, be an HDTV. If your old television still works, that can go in the living room, man caves demand 1080p. Whether it be for sporting events, movies or video games, you’ll be glad to see it in such clarity.

Early registration for this event ends on April 10th. Doing so will get gamers a whole day for only $3! Not a bad deal considering what some hobbies cost to play for a day, although if the deadline is not met it is still only $5 per person. The gaming event is sponsored by Bell, Book, & Comic, Fat Dragon Games, Reaper miniatures, Genesis Maille, and Game-Day.

First would include activity. I rejoiced when the Wii from Nintendo was released not to mention the Kinect from Microsoft. Motion has a way of improving game play regardless of what it is. As opposed to the thumbs being the main thing moving, I like a game or activity that requires action. The more action the better. Card games aren’t that action intensive, but you have to admit there is certainly a whole lot more in arranging pieces, cards, rolling dice, and dealing cards than there is in the flicking of a joystick. Thus, I really like Video games similar to ‘Just Dance’.

For younger children a Popsicle stick catapult is a perfect project to make. It is small, easy to manage, and uses materials that children are familiar with. Seven sticks, a small piece of paper, a rubber band, and some masking tape are all that you need. You can then expand this project into any variety of Tabletop games where children compete by sending small paper balls into or at various targets while keeping score.

Buy now! Adobe doesn’t have sales very often and this is a great time to purchase an Adobe product. With Flash CS5.5, people can easily develop mobile and PC games with its user friendly GUI. Photoshop CS5.5 is very useful for creating professional video game art.

Though not exactly the largest shop you’ll come across, they’ve really managed to maximize the given space with a series of shelves, glass cases, wall displays and more. Like Play N Trade, every system is given a specific area…and it’s packed full. The more common games are kept out where you can freely look them over, with the rarities residing in one of the various glass cases.

Turn to your friends and family for support and incentive. Tell them that you are trying to quit and why you are trying. They will then be able to keep reminding you of what you are attempting to do and why it is important to you. It will also keep other friends and family members from smoking when you are around helping you reduce the temptation that you will have. You may even want to tell the clerks at the store that you frequent that you no longer want them to sell you cigarettes. They will likely remind you of the fact that you are trying to quit the next time you enter the store requesting a pack of cigarettes.

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