Tummy fat is usually a result of our sedentary lifestyles. With computers, television and video games taking up a good part of our day, physical activities are relegated to the background. On top of that, stress in today’s time has reached high proportions, resulting in emotional bingeing. All these things add to weight gain and a fat tummy. Tummy fat also accumulates as a result of the natural aging process of the body. It can also contribute directly to illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Luckily, belly fat is not something that a person has to be stuck with for his entire life. There are ways to lose belly fat fast, but not without a significant lifestyle change and some perseverance.

One of the most popular PC games for girls and women is probably the game of fashion. Want to know what that means? You and your daughter need to design a dress for characters such as fairies, princesses, beautiful dolls, and even celebrities. The truck is usually resembles a plastic doll, but it is online. The good thing about these dolls is that they never come out-of-date. That is dress up games. With this flash game dress you and your children can easily create your own mystical creature. Simply select things such as wings and your newly created venture will be ready to play with the other fairies.

#5 It is a WONDERFUL stress relieve. You can be as mean and violent in some games as you wish to be. I would rather have my husband let his aggression out in the game then on someone in real life.

You might be searching for the ideal gift for a teen. Teenagers like game systems and Video games. Most kids have their own systems and games. But some do not.

I think Gluttonous Slime deserves mention, if only because now you can devour your creatures in response to them dying. Pump your creatures up, go in for a final assault, or perhaps just deliberately bait your opponent into combat…then drop this sucker to eat your dead right before they go off to the graveyard, killing your opponent’s creatures and leaving you with one big, mean, nasty slime.

For younger children a Popsicle stick catapult is a perfect project to make. It is small, easy to manage, and uses materials that children are familiar with. Seven sticks, a small piece of paper, a rubber band, and some masking tape are all that you need. You can then expand this project into any variety of Tabletop games where children compete by sending small paper balls into or at various targets while keeping score.

How many players do you want to play with? Some games are specifically for two players, some are for four. Four-player games are hard to get together at times. With a two-player game you may be leaving someone out. Many of us have to work only with two-player games because we only have the capability to play with a spouse. There are even some games that are designed for solitary play…for those times when you can’t find another player, but you want to get your game fix.

Even games for other platforms like those super-cool, oldies but goodies SNES games we used to know and love (anyone remember the old Mario Bothers game?), and even any of the Windows PC applications too! Let’s not forget all of the movies you can download and watch. The fact is, you would have a number of machines all in your one little game system! Now think about it for a bit here, that sure beats some run-of-the-mill download of Dog Linux for PS3, am I right? Just imagine the possibilities!